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These legal conditions apply to the use of this website and to any parts of other websites sponsored by Novartis Farmacéutica S.A. (hereafter referred to as “Novartis”) and which link to these Conditions of use. The owners of these websites can apply their own additional Conditions of use. Corporate affiliates of Novartis have their own Conditions of use.


  1. Rules regarding the use of this website, agreement with the rules and modifications of the rules. When you visit this website, you agree to abide by the Conditions of use. Novartis can update these Conditions of use at any time. Given that any updates will apply to your use of this website, you should visit this page from time to time to review the current Conditions of use.
  2. Medical information or regarding illnesses. Product information published on this website is provided by Novartis for general information purposes only. It is not designed to provide complete medical information. For complete medical information, you should visit your doctor or another health professional. IF YOU ARE UNWELL, GO IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR DOCTOR OR ANOTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONALISED MEDICAL DIAGNOSES OR ADVICE REGARDING SPECIFIC TREATMENTS FOR PATIENTS. Many medicines and devices for healthcare are only available with a medical prescription. Medical professionals can access complete medical information in the pamphlet or leaflet included in the product’s packaging.
  3. Products worldwide. Some products for which information is available on this website may not be available in all countries under the same registered brand. The referenced products on this website may be subject to different regulations depending on the relevant country of use. As such, users of the website will be notified when this website or certain parts of it are aimed specifically at certain groups of expert users or only at residents of certain countries. The information about these products may vary from country to country. Visitors to this website must consult the relevant information for their country with their respective local healthcare services and regulatory authorities.
  4. Use of information. Downloading or using information on this website, including any text, image, sound or video, is only authorised for non-commercial purposes. You cannot use or reuse this information for commercial purposes without written consent from Novartis. You must retain and reproduce each and every copyright notice or other proprietary rights notice contained in any information you download. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, all rights on the content of this website are reserved. Without written authorisation from Novartis, the content can thus not be used. Novartis neither guarantees nor states that your use of information available on the website will not infringe rights of third parties not owned by or affiliated with Novartis. Besides this limited authorisation, Novartis neither guarantees nor states that your use of content on this website will not infringe the rights of third parties not linked to Novartis.
  5. Registered brands/ exclusive rights. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, you assume that all product names that appear on this website, whether shown in large print or not or with the registered brand logo, are registered brands of Novartis. This website may also contain or refer to patents, proprietary notices, technologies, products, processes or other rights exclusive to Novartis or other parties. No license or right is granted or conferred regarding any of the aforementioned registered brands, patents, commercial secrets, technologies, products, processes and other rights exclusive to Novartis or other parties.
  6. Information you provide us. Excepting information included in the Privacy policy, any information you provide to this website will be treated as non-confidential. Everything you share with the website becomes the property of Novartis for any purpose. Furthermore, Novartis is free to use, without any form of compensation, any idea that you send to this website.
  7. Exclusion of guarantees. Despite the efforts made by Novartis to do everything reasonably possible to ensure that the information available on this website is correct and updated, this information may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Novartis reserves the right to make changes to the information, products and programmes described in the aforementioned information or suspend this website at any time without prior notice. Novartis offers no guarantee or declaration regarding the accuracy of the information. Novartis cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in the content of the website. ALL INFORMATION IS PROVIDED “AS IS”. NOVARTIS CANNOT GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OR ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE OR ITS POSSIBLE USES. CONSEQUENTLY, VISITORS TO THE WEBSITE MUST CAREFULLY CONSIDER THE INFORMATION PROVIDED. NEITHER NOVARTIS NOR ANY OTHER COMPANY IN THE NOVARTIS GROUP, NOR ANY OTHER PARTY INVOLVED IN THE CREATION, PRODUCTION OR PRESENTATION OF THIS WEBSITE, CAN BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, ACCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ACCESS, USE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS WEBSITE, OR FOR ANY ERROR OR OMISSION IN THE CONTENT OF THE WEBSITE. Some jurisdictions do not recognise the exclusion of implicit guarantees, which is why the aforementioned exclusion may not apply. Novartis accepts no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any damage or virus which could infect your computer equipment or other property due to your accessing this website.
  8. Links to other sites. Links to third-party websites may be provided in the interest of or for the convenience of visitors to this website, but they do not represent membership of these websites. When leaving this website, we will notify you that the Conditions of use and the Privacy Policy of the third-party website may be different. However, Novartis cannot be held liable for the accuracy or legality of the content on third-party websites. We accept no responsibility for the privacy practices of third parties.
  9. Publications on this website. Novartis does not commit to checking or monitoring discussions, publications or other similar content on this website. Novartis cannot be held liable for the published content. Publishing or sharing any illegal, threatening, slanderous, obscene, offensive, provocative, pornographic or rude material or any material that constitutes or encourages behaviour which can be considered a crime, lead to civil liability or infringe any law in any way is strictly prohibited. NOVARTIS WILL FULLY COLLABORATE WITH ANY LEGAL AUTHORITIY OR LEGAL ORDER WHICH REQUESTS OR ORDERS NOVARTIS TO REVEAL THE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON SHARING ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED INFORMATION OR MATERIAL. If we consider it to be appropriate, we will take corrective measures, immediately and without prior notice, such as preventing the user from using the website and deleting any information, data and content that the user shared on the website.

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